Every server's got 'em.
We'd love it if you would follow ours.

  1. ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS - If you've been banned, think before you fire up that alt. Your alt could get banned, or you could run the risk of being permanently banned without a chance to appeal. Additionally, you may not use an alternate account to avoid staffing responsibilities.
  2. CHEATING & EXPLOITING - Cheating, using an external program or script to change the way the game behaves, is not allowed. Exploiting, using an in-game mechanic in an unintended way to gain an advantage, is not allowed.
  3. SPAWN POLICIES - No player-made entities should be located inside or around the spawn area. This includes but is not limited to props, vehicles, NPCs, effects, ragdolls, and dupes.
  4. BASE BUILDING - Bases may not be impossible to enter. All bases should include at least 1 keypad on every side of at least one door of the base. Reasonable deterrants (mazes, crouch barriers, etc) are allowed. One-way walls are allowed. There is no maximum amount of fading doors that you can use, but try to make it fun for the people attacking you.
  5. PAC ABUSE - Using PAC to negatively impact another player's experience on the server is not allowed. PAC projectiles may not be used on any player without both players' agreement. This includes non-damaging uses of PAC projectiles as well. Any PAC weaponry must be approved prior to use by a staff member.
  6. MODEL SIZE - Using any method of model manipulation (PAC or ULX) to change your model size to a non-default amount before or during PvP is not allowed.
  7. WIRE/E2 & TURRETS - Using any Wiremod tools to negatively impact another player's experience on the server is not allowed. Using turrets for any purpose must be approved prior to use by a staff member.
  8. PROPABUSE - Propabuse includes propkill, propclimb, and proppushing, and is not allowed.
  9. DISRESPECT - Disrespecting other players on the server is not allowed. This includes racial slurs, side comments, direct attacks, and more.
  10. STAFF DISCRETION - Staff members have the final word in every scenario. Because staff members are usually better informed and have more experience, if a staff member believes you to be breaking a rule, you are breaking that rule.
  11. ACF GUIDELINES - Please refer to the official ACF Guidelines. ACF builds will be up to staff discretion.
  12. WAC TAKEOFF - You may not attack a WAC aircraft until it is either clear of the ground, or has fired at you.
  13. "HIDDEN" RULES - If a rule is not listed here, there is an extremely high likelyhood of it not being valid. If someone tells you "Yeah, I'm allowed to do this because {staff member} told me I could", or "Yeah, they're going to put it in the rules, but they haven't yet" , they're full of it.
  14. TERMS OF SERVICE - All rules that are enforced within the Garry's Mod Terms of Service are enforced on the server. Breaking any of these rules is equivalent to breaking a server rule.